Reversing hover effect on project thumbs?

Would it be a lot of work to reverse the hover effect on project thumbs? I was trying to figure this out last night, but it’s beyond my capabilities.

I’d like to see how it looks if the opacity and project titles showed by default and then moved out of the way to reveal the image on mouseover. I think this would also be useful to provide more information to users on touch devices that don’t show hover effects.


It wouldn’t help you as the images are not linked to the page, only the titles are. Though I’m considering linking the images also.

Most touch devices do provide hover effects when tapped. Maybe only very old Android devices that are running the built-in browser won’t support it.

I’m trying to build a photography portfolio site, so it would be nice if the images were linked as well as the title. This is the kind of layout I was trying to achieve with the title displaying on top of the images.