Revealing code for widgets?

Hi there

A couple of questions, if you’d be so kind:

I don’t seem to have the social widget downloaded with my theme. I’ve used code in a text box to get the FB and Twitter icons and links, but the Tumblr icon is much smaller. Any thoughts? Or can I download the social widget from somewhere?

The Talon image widget for the footer isn’t working. Nothing happens when I click ‘upload image’.
Can I use code to link to an image in my library? If so could you possibly give me the correct path?

Apologies if these questions have a blindingly obvious answer. Love the theme but I’m quite unfamiliar with Wordpress and there’s a point where struggling to make sense of it all, despite the excellent help forums, becomes extremely frustrating! Many thanks.


There is no social widget in Talon I’m afraid. If you post a link to your site I might be able to help you style the icons a bit. Or you can use a plugin dedicated for social icons. There are a lot.

The image widget is mostly meant for page builder use, therefore we’re not loading the script for the upload button everywhere. However, you just need to go to Media Library from your admin area, click on the image you want and you’ll notice a link to it. Copy that link and paste it in the field above the button (in the image widget).

If anything doesn’t make sense, feel free to let me know.

Ha ha - thanks Vlad - if you answered all the things that don’t make much sense to me, that’s all you’d be doing - day and night! But your comments make perfect sense and I shall do what you suggest. By the way, since posting my questions, I’ve looked at the code for my social links and realised that as I copied the code from your site, that’s why the icons are not the same size as the icons included in the theme! Very nice icons you’ve got, though.
Here’s the link to the site in progress I’m trying to move away from a Wix built site.

Another quick question, I want to include an iframe - can I add it to a widget?

Many, many thanks.

Sure, you can use the regular Text widget for your iframe.

I’m confused, is there any help you need with the social icons? I’m not seeing the tumblr icon you mentioned. Here’s a plugin which you can use:
Hotlinking the images from our site is not really ideal for you as we might remove them at some point and you’ll be left with broken images.

Vlad, many thanks for all your help.

I removed the tumblr icon as soon as I realised I had linked to your site. The plugin you mentioned was a treat to use - I have given it a great review.

Thanks again.