Restaurant widget currency sign

i am in Uganda…unfortunately the widget only has an option of listing the menu items with a US dollar currency sign…is there a way i can change it to UGx or shilling currency sign…thanx in advance

Hello there,

Restaurant functionality is achieved with 3rd party plugin . Unfortunately, plugin doesn’t offer configuration for setting desired currency, but string is translatable so you can translate plugin text strings along with the currency manually, with poedit software if you are familiar with the process, if not try using some translation plugin like loco translate.

In case that you are not comfortable creating translations you can always hard code value in, and in that case you need to edit this plugin file . Note that plugin updates will overwrite your change.

Since plugin is used with the theme it is responsible from us to provide you with some info on how to solve this, but as I mentioned earlier, since it is 3rd party plugin, for all additional support related questions regarding the plugin you should contact plugin author directly.

All the Best!