Responsiveness of contact area


I added a background image to the contact area instead of the map (topic #612566)

But I’d like it to have the same behaviour than in the Astrid pro demo with the image displaying before the contact form and resizing…

Could you give me some help please?

Thank you.

Pass: rebranding2016

Hello MDS,

This goes beyond our support policy. It’s considered advanced customization.

As an option, you can contact Codeable for this kind of service, or find a freelancer on Upwork.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Well but this is the behaviour of your pro demo! But instead of the map from google there’s an image, am I wrong? The image you helped to display in both widgets??

Yes MDS, this is the behavior of Astrid Pro: Contact widget on our Astrid Pro demo site. However, configuring your current widgets in that way isn’t an easy task, that requires some time. I would be glad to help you, really, but unfortunately I can’t dedicate much time to one ticket.

Here is the text that everyone should see before creating a topic:

Support does not include
  • Customizations (anything more than a few lines of CSS);
<li>Third party plugins;</li>

<li>Creating layouts/elements that are <strong>not</strong> present on the demo site.</li>

I hope for your understanding.

Kind Regards, Roman.