Responsive design wont work

On my Portfolio Homepage is a Problem with the header slider. He does not fill the screen - even if i change the Resolution -. I tested it on several devices. Also the text-overlay in the header isnt in the right place, sometimes its not visible, and sometimes its alright.

On mobile devices the whole page is a mess, the menu button is not visible and the slider images are in a endless zoom loop, what means that they are getting bigger and bigger and a few seconds later the whole site is covered with the header-image (only the image, not the text or the buttons, they are invisible, too)

I edited no files or settings of the theme

You can find my site at:


It wont work because page on is loaded trough frame from here

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Thanks, but that is not the problem :frowning:
I changed it to a 301-Redirect, so you get directly to, but the header is still not fullscreen.

I checked the settings to see if i set it to “fullscreen-slider” - yes it is. So… what else could make the problems?

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Try to set your front page to use Front Page page template and not default page template.

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