Responisiveness when opening from email and facebook


I am using Moesia. Very nice theme.
currently I am working on this site and things are working great over all.

But I have an issue, when opening some pages from links to the site provided through email on Iphone (gmail) and on facebook mobile app.
The responsive rules for the theme seem to be affected by the opening of the site from these apps. And this is also carried over in the browser when trying to open the links directly in for example safari from email or facebook app on Iphone.
See attached screen shots:
Opened in safari directly - not through links on email etc. looks fine:

Opened through email (gmail app on Iphone, same through facebook app), not such a great look:

What to do? You got suggestions for alternative CSS, or?

Best regards



site address is

and the to pages I have identified the problem with are




I just tested on an iphone and it seems that the problem is limited to your website. Our demo site isn’t showing this behavior.

As far as I can see it shrinks everything so the media queries that handle the responsive styling don’t even get a chance to activate.

I’m afraid I don’t know what the issue is here. It might somehow be related to your languages plugin, so you might want to test without it.

Dear Vlad,

Thank you for a very swift reply.

I will look into the WPML plugin’s behavior.