Resize Catalog Items

I have been trying to resize the product images as shown in this video
but nothing happens.
I want to increase their size.

This is my (work in progress) site Physiopharma

What should I do?

Thank you!


It is correct guide, but don’t forget to use regenerate thumbnails plugin. You have to run that plugin in order to regenerate images to new dimensions.

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I used the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin but it does not work!!! The products still have the same size!

Hello again,

The Shop theme is supporting Woo plugin according to Woo specifications, and changing image size is working without problems. See on my local, original size is 300x300 , and after changing size from Woo settings to 300x350, and running regenerate thumbnails plugin (install plugin from Alex Mills guy who work for WP and his plugin works great) image sizes are changed

This means that you are not doing something correctly, or hosting server timed out while running reg. thumb. because of low php directives or low server resources.

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