Requests itens

Hello, thank you for the gift with a theme so beautiful and so full. Long come seeking a simple, clean theme and never got. But only now my search sessou.

I tested all but stayed with Rocked, which is for me the most complete.

I understand that there is a limitation to premiuns and free. But it never hurts to ask me something that could be inserted in the next free updates of the theme. I think this should be a theme mutipurpose, the structural aspect and using the SiteOrigin Page Builder. It is perfect!


→ 1 - Div / top menu - There is a need to activate a top menu or div to insert a widget (with menu or social icons, time / date or text) - Available in left and right (above header with logo)

→ 2 - Just to the left when in sticky - When activated the “Centralized Logo” option, it takes a lot of space when you enable sticky. It would be interesting to just logo left when Sticky

→ 3 - Just to the left, right and widget menu below or on top - could have an option to place a widget on the right (I put a search or ads), and the menu was going down or at the top).

→ 4 - CSS class to the menu - If you make available a field to the style of the menu, we could style the menu, making it different. (border top, border bottom, bakground, etc )

→ 5 - Menu in Footer - Give us another menu to insert in the footer (I would place About, Privacy, etc.)

Lucas Tolle

I started this item here for over a month and not getting answers. Even someone said, “Hmm, good ideas.” But no one said anything.

I did not ask the change for me, but for it to be made available in the coming updates for all who use the theme today. Or at least speak that will not add these changes in the coming updates.

I did almost all the amendments that I have mentioned here, and I succeeded. Only the “item 2” (which is a topic of error) I could not solve. The “Item 3” I created a code and customize for each customer. In fact, I can do more than seven forms of headers. What I could not, was to make the headers are chosen in customizer. But I will get more information in web, and will also solve this problem.

An error that could be repaired would be disable by default the “Header with text and button” on every page. It does not exist anywhere. In some theme. Unless it’s something individual (for specific pages) and the small height (max-200px). This should only be available on the homepage. Not in pages.

The effect “Loading” occasionally gives error and does not display any page.

Anyway, I tested some of the themes Athemes, and may not realize, but Rocked is the most recommended for those who want to create a Multiporpose project. It is clean, fast and has simple features of a professional theme.

Even without answers, and I know you will not answer me, just thank you for letting freely available an almost complete project. Receive my gratitude as the voice of gratitude to all those who use the theme.

Thank you,

Lucas Tolle