Hi! Thanks again for all the support. I was wondering if you had any plans to add a timeline widget to this theme-it’s the only thing it’s missing for me! :slight_smile:


We actually already have a timeline widget in the pro version of the theme, so we probably wouldn’t add it to the free version unless we replace it with something else.

Doh! Thanks!

hi there ,
great theme - Quil.
i was wondering if ever there is a way to add more sliders to the quil theme not just 5 it is such an awesome theme but it is limiting by not having at least 10 , that would be great. and a suggestion- adding pin like blocks to the front page ( just under the site name and tag ) and above the action buttons. that can be set to size and transparency, like random news blocks that can fade in and out showing posts perhaps randomly . when i came across this theme i fell deeply in love with it. there is no theme like it … the subscribe option should be incorporated like a action button on every page dead in the center that fades out when you subscribe…that would be incredible . just a thought great work guys