Request for Refund Please

Hi There,
I bought the theme twice thinking I needed to do so for both of my websites. Can I get a refund for this one please? Thank you!

Kind Regards!


I can only see one purchase with the id 1259458. Do you have the other id?


Hi Charlie,
I purchased a second one with my other business email: Both will have my name on it. I purchased one
1/23 and the other on 1/30. Please confirm when you can give the refund on
one of them. The theme is great. I am using the one that I purchased on
1/23. But I didn’t need to purchase a second one.

Thank you so much!

Kind Regards,
Kristine Munoz

Kristi Muñoz
Reign Wrestling

Hi Kristine,

OK I’ve refunded the second order, the one made on the 30th.