Replacing the excerpt indicator[...] on shortend posts with something clickable

Hello everybody and thanks for reading my question!

I recently enabled the option to shorten my posts on the blog page, so it only shows a certain number of words before it gets cut and the […] indicator appears. I would love to replace these 3 dots with a conventional [read more] button or link, because some of our Users don’t understand they have to click the post title to read the entire post. Where do I find the function, which shortens the posts and adds the […] indicator?

Hello there,

You could use the below snippet and add to a child theme’s functions. If you don’t run any child theme, use Code Snippets plugin.

    function perth_child_elipsis_link($content) {
    	return str_replace('[&hellip;]', '<a href="'. esc_attr(get_permalink()) .'">[&hellip;]</a>', $content);
    add_filter('the_excerpt', 'perth_child_elipsis_link');

For easier solution, you might try this plugin