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Guys, Hello))) You help me a lot! I love you friend!))) The issue with the contact form I couldn’t solve but this is not important. Yesterday I made a master page and I have a problem. How can I change the background picture in the unit what our clients are saying. there where reviews. please help


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That background image was set through the “Row Styles” options > “Theme” > “Background Image”.

Please follow this GIF for the sake of visual.

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Haris, thank you I’ll try.
Do you have such css code to remove 1 button. at the top of the website. It is excess.


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I thought you should need to do the following.

Go to Appearance > Customize > Header Area > Header Slider > Scroll down until you have the field that says “Text for your call to action button”. Then, just keep this field empty.

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Thank you) it worked)! all no issues) thanks. have a nice day)


You’re welcome.

Have a nice day to you, too.