Replace header image with revolution slider

How can I replace the main header image (construction guy on the ladder) with a full width/responsive Revolution Slider? I don’t want the Rev Slider to appear small inside a module in the header area, but rather be the entire header itself.


You can’t. Not unless you’re able to code it.
You can however simply add it in a module and then edit the row that module is on and set it as Full instead of Wrapped.

Adding the module either forces it to the left or small and centered (see attached screenshot). And disregard my slider’s design, I’m not done with it yet :slight_smile:

As you suggested, I could add the code directly into a page template, if you’re able to direct me where I should add the slider’s code?

I want the slider to be full width and located behind the three boxes that stick up. I like that part about your design.

That’s because you haven’t actually configured the slider from its options. It won’t be full width unless you tell it to be. At least that’s what I’m seeing on your website.
Anyway, helping with Revolution would be outside the scope of the support forum for West.
If you need to add the code (which I don’t think you do) it would probably be best to do it in header.php.

Also worth mentioning that the module area you’ve added the slider on isn’t full width.

Thank you very much. I set the slider to full width so that is good.

How do I make the row/module area with the slider full width? For the row: I hovered over the row, the red dashed line area appears, click on the cog, set the type to “full.” For the module: I hovered over the module, the blue dashed line area appears, click on the cog, but I don’t see any option for “full.”

I also want the slider to appear on top of the construction man photo, and behind the three square that stick up (i.e. the slider replaces the photo).

Thank you!!