Repeating Links in new call to action buttons on homepage

Hi. I’m having a problem whenever I create a new section on the homepage. In each new section, the same information that appears in previous section automatically appears when installing a new call to action button. I’m doing it correctly: adding a new row, then a Text widget, then a Sydney Call to action widget – within the Layout Builder. But then when I type in the new text and hyperlink in the Sydney FP: Call to Action widget – this information is not saved. The information of the previous section (text + hyperlink) is echoed or repeated in the new section (call to action button). Regardless of how many times I input the new information (text for the button & hyperlink), it gets ignored and merely repeats or echoes what appeared in the previous section. How can I fix this? It’s hugely frustrating and a major time-waster. I love the theme otherwise. Just this bug is driving me batty. I’m surprised no one else has mentioned this.

Hello Fet,

You can try to use simple Text widget instead of Sydney FP: Call to action widget to resolve your issue.

You can create a button within Text widget by entering this into Content field when editing Text widget:

<a class="roll-button border" href="button-link">button-text</a>

Just replace button-link and button-text with desirable values.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Big, big thanks. This is really major. As I would love to install buttons at will on various pages. This gives me some freedom, hopefully.

For anyone else reading this, I centered the button by clicking “Center align the content?” under “Theme” in “Edit Row.”

Thanks again!

You are welcome Fet,

And have a nice day :slight_smile:

Kind Regards, Roman.