Repeating glitch


I’ve found this issue before with sydney FP:Call To Action (CTA) where I make a change in one row and it changes another row by mirroring the change.

Please see my website homepage

The second row CTA (where I want it) is repeated on the 6th row by overwriting what I originally had. I’ve checked the sixth row in the row builder and it’s exactly as it was before but displaying row 2’s input.

Any help gratefully received!

*it’s not row 6 anymore as have been changing around some rows, but scroll down and you’ll see it repeated. Any help would be super.

Really need help on this. Kharis, you were a great help last time if you see this.
I’d also like to know how to invert the CTA buttons in the rows so that they look like the one in the header. Thanks.

I will just leave this link here in case someone has the same issue:

Kind Regards, Roman.