Renaming Permalinks question


I was wondering, bought Sydney Pro and I am using Siteorigin Pagebuilder to create a website, but I have a problem with the permalinks (format) which are created by Pagebuilder, I assume.
The standard wp permalinks are set to postname.

Not sure if I should be asking you this or Siteorigin

Is there a way to rename the standard permalink ‘employees’ format into something else?
and how can this be done?

and then one more question:

Is there a way to change the seperate ‘employees’ permalink as well? instead of it beeing a randomized thing like …/’#pg-44-2’?

Hope you can help out.

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Hope to hear from you.


We have a code snippet example for that here:

For the second question, edit your row and then go to Attributes > Row ID.