Renaming 'Our Services'

I’m unable to get changes to stick in the Sydney FP: Services Type A widget and wonder whether it’s a bug / clash / accreditation problem.

I am copying the actions from your ‘Sydney Theme - Adding Blocks’ video.

I am in Edit PAge / My Front Page / Top row.

If I change the text (using edit option) from ‘Our Services’ to ‘Our Services2’, then press ‘Done’, the preview of the page still shows ‘Our Services’. Although I can go back into edit and I see ‘Our Services2’. The I press the blue Update button, wait a few seconds, then the preview says ‘Our Services’ and if I go into Edit it says ‘Our Services’, not ‘Our Services2’.

So the Update button seems to be reverting it back to a default.

Hoep that makes sense. I’m on Windows 10 64 bit, using Internet Explorer and Chrome, not yet Edge.

It’s forever changing, but try



That’s strange and it’s obviously not the expected behavior. Try disabling some of your plugin and recheck, maybe something is conflicting with the page builder.
Seems I cannot access your website.

Indeed, disabling plugins did the trick.
Many thanks.