Rename 'Services' and edit permalink pages

Rename 'Services' to 'Products' and edit Services permalink pages



I’m using the Sydney theme but tried the answers from the Moesia theme since they seemed to use the same “Types”. forum post link

I tried to change the “Services” to “Programs” for my nonprofit and changed the type name plural/singular to Programs/Program under Types > Custom Post Types. I also changed the slug. I reread the instructions in post
#10057 and changed the Name back leaving just the slug. The whole “Services” section (widget?) seems to have disappeared now. (See

I’m wondering if I orphaned the “Services” posts somehow by changing the Types>names?


Not really sure what I meant in that topic, I think I meant a different slug. Anyway, the Slug needs to be services and you can scroll down to Rewrite, select a custom URL format and add your slug there.