Removing White Space and Menu?


Here’s my site:

I’d like to remove the white bit, above the grey word ‘SHOP’, and the mini menu ‘Home/Shop’ bit. Can someone help me? Thank you!



Apply custom css code below and set padding value to your liking (default value is 100px):

.page-title {
    padding-top: 0px;

You can apply the code with this plugin

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I have added this and it is still there. Any ideas?


Hi again,

Since original padding is still present you didn’t place ta=hat code correctly, or it is not applied for some reason. Can you share a screenshot of where you placed that code? Also, if you are using some caching plugin, try to clear its cache.

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I’ve added it here:


Hello again,

Thanks, but why did you add it with .shop selector?? Apply the code as instructed, exactly like this and just change value for padding-top to your liking:

.page-title {
    padding-top: 10px;

In case that you want to target only Woo pages, use code below instead:

.woocommerce .page-title {
    padding-top: 10px;

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My bad, I’ve changed it now:

But there is still no change to the ‘Home/Shop’ text.


Previously used css is still present and it is probably due to caching plugin or GoDaddy server side cache, so try clearing it.

If you continue to have problems afterwards, send me WP admin credentials at and I will check this on your end.

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Thanks for the credentials,

As I can see now, provided css code is working which means that it wasn’t applied immediately because of caching

Regarding entire page padding at the top it is controlled by wrapper (top padding) for all pages and it can be set from WP admin Appearance > Customize > General but in case that you only want to change this for woocommerce pages, I applied custom css code below:

.woocommerce .page-wrap {
    padding-top: 0px;

And shop page will now look like this

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Thank you so much! That was really helpful, and sorry for being so stupid!


You’re welcome,

And thank you for using our theme.

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