Removing the Sidebar

Just wondering if it’s possible to remove the sidebar from some of the pages or altogether from the site?

To remove the sidebar from all pages, not posts, go to Appearance > Editor and select the page.php file and delete or comment out the line <?php get_sidebar(); ?>
Then update the file.

If you want to remove the sidebar completely from the site you can comment out the code in sidebar.php.

If you want to display the sidebar on certain pages but not others you can add conditional tags to page.php to tell WordPress not to call the sidebar on certain pages.

It depends though really on what you’re trying to do and why. Why don’t you want the sidebar? Which pages do you want it removed from? Can you include a link to your site? With more information I may be able to give you a better answer.

thanks for the response. This is actually the response i needed.

I mainly want to add more content space to my static subpages, the sidebar content doesn’t help me much i those, so i figured i could use that space to increase the content area. these suggestions you give me are good to follow through

No problem, just reply here if you have any more questions.

Oh, and if you could find time to leave a review, that would be great!

There was a recent upgrade that brought back my sidebar. I’ve tried the previous methods, but can’t remove it. Any suggestions?