Removing the menu background

Hi Vlad!

I’d like to remove the menu background, to display the background image instead, but keeping the background color when scrolled.
Do you think it’s possible?
I tried adding a background-color: transparent in the .site-header, but it doesn’t work…

Thanks a lot!


I assume you mean for pages where the header image isn’t active? Your approach should work. Can you share a link to your site?

Yes Vlad, for the pages without header.
For example :
It’s still the background-color specified in the customizer, and after a few changes, I still don’t manage to remove it.


Try adding it like this:

.site-header {
	background-color: transparent !important;

It would have probably worked without !important if you’ve used the Codex recommended method of building child themes (without using @import).

Thanks A LOT!