Removing the gradiant dark color from the slider images

The slider images have a ‘somewhat transparent’ color applied OVER them, and this is making my slider images too dark. This should be an easy fix, but after reviewing the CSS for the theme, I was unable to determine how to REMOVE THE DARK OVERLAY color from over the slider images. Can anyone please tell me how to remove that transparent color overlay? Which CSS file should be modified, and where to accommodate that? THANK YOU!!!

Hi there,

To remove the overlay color in the header slider, please to put the CSS code below using Custom CSS plugin:

.header-image::after {
    opacity: 0 !important;


Thank you Awan…I will try that!

Yes, that worked flawlessly…thank you for your assistance!

I have the same problem, but do not know what you mean with “Custom CSS plugin”. Where do I find that? Another choice could be to change the overlay color from black to something else…how can that be done?

In the administrative area of your WordPress installation click on add new plug-in and search for ‘Custom CSS’. Then install it and then copy and paste the code you see above in the resolution and click save and boom you’re done! Hope this helps it is a very simple very quick fix.

Thanks, it worked perfect :slight_smile: