Removing related posts and next/previous arrows from beneath the post


I am wondering how I can remove related posts and next/previous posts arrows from beneath the post in Sydney?


See here please:

Hello Vlad
I’m also facing the same problem. The given additional CSS is removing only the navigation but not the content below the topic related.

It appears as follows:

Project Tile
Date, year
in “Category”

How to remove the contents below the title Related. I want to keep the navigations.

Thanks in advance for your support.

I have marked the tick boxes in the appearance > Blog option. But not successful.

X Hide post meta on index, archives?
X Hide post meta on singles?

X Check this box to hide featured images on index, archives etc.

Thank you, Vlad!

I removed post navigation! Is there any code for removing related blog posts?

Sorry, I misread the question. There are no related posts in Sydney so probably you’re using a plugin to show them. You need to disable that plugin.

Thank you Vlad. I fixed it by turning off the related post in Jetpack.

I have installed a plugin for sidebar latest posts, but not after the posts page. I checked everything. In fact, there is an option to show pictures and headline of related posts in my Settings (readings). However, there is no option to completely remove related posts.

@relishthegame: post a link to one of your blog posts, maybe I can help identify the plugin. As I said, this is not something that comes from the theme.

Sorry! Just found it in Jetpack settings and turned it OFF. Thanks!