Removing Related links

How would I remove 'Related Links" from showing?

Thank you.

Do you have a URL to your site? and please tell me where is the “Related Links” placed on your site.

My apologies. here is my URL

Here is a page they show up on.

Is this what you mean with the “Related links”?
If so, you can hide it using css code below" {
    display: none;

put the code above using custom css plugin

Actually here is an image of what I am referring to.

Thank you.

It’s the blue texted items I would like removed.

Oh I see… you are using jetpack related post plugin

you can deactivate it from settings > reading

I appreciate your info. Would there be any reason, why even after unselecting the option and then saving the changes that the Related Links would still show up? That is what is happening.

Thank you for your help.