Removing over effects from employees as well as from portfolio pictures

Hey there,
Thanks for developing such a wonderful theme. I am developing my own website with the help of Sydney theme. Domain is

I am having 2 problems.

  1. I want to remove hover effect from employees section (Title as Team in my website).
    Because when mouse goes on the photo and name of the team member photo disappears. I want to have only photo and text which should not change in any circumstances (On computer as well as on mobile)

  2. I have made a portfolio with the help of featured images. However, when mouse goes on the image hover effect comes in between. I want to remove that so that pictures can be clearly visible (On computer as well as on mobile).

Please help me with the solution.


Please add this CSS code into: Customize > additional CSS.

.roll-team .team-item:hover > .team-inner .pop-overlay, .roll-project .project-item:hover .project-pop {
    display: none;


Heyyy Buddy…
Thank you sooooooooooooooo much…
It works…


You are welcome :slight_smile: