Removing header to other pages

Hi there,

How can I completely remove the header on every page and just have the menu showing on top row? The site is I am trying to accomplish a similar look like of pages on this site:

Hello there,

Sorry for I can’t get your point clearly. The site you referred seems like to have similar header bar’s behavior – it has transparent background by default and it changes to dark as the page gets scrolled.

Could you please be more exact?


For example when I go to About page of Authentic, how can i have that picture of the plane to be in full size (with menus showing on top) same as when you go to advantage page of order dynamics, you see the picture of the hand with a ticket covering the header. Same goes to other pages.

Hello Kharis,

I am still waiting for your response.

Would you be able to give me an update and/or resolution for my inquiry?


Hello there,

I would like to apologize in advance for the delay.

Please try to enable “Front Page” template on your “About” page:

Let me know how it goes.


Thank you! It’s working now