Removing Contact popup from header menu - Talon

I’m trying to remove the Contact pop-up from my header menu at (button mow reads ‘Useless’).
Can you let me know how to do this? The Google map and contact form is now on the ‘Contact’ page.
Many thanks!


I think the button is added by the plugin. Can you check the setting of your contact form plugin and remove the button from the header menu.

Or you can also to use this CSS code to hide the button:

li#contact-item {
    display: none;

You can add those code to: Customize > additional CSS.


Hi, thanks, Awam.

Can’t find the code in the contact form (Contact form 7). The only place I can see anything is in addional CSS, but when I delete it, nothing changes so it can’t be that. Here’s the code I removed:

.contact-popup-form.col-md-6 {
width: 100%;

.contact-popup-form.col-md-6 input:not(.wpcf7-submit) {
width: 100%;

Any other thoughts? Thanks

Oh, by the way, there’s a Contact popup option in the Talon Pro options, but not an option to remove it!

Oh yeah… you just need to remove the “Menu Item Label” blank to remove it from your top menu.