Removing background on landing page

I am a newbie and the lingo is kind of confusing. my site landing page (home page) has this white box with what looks like a blog box above the footer that I would like removed but cant figure out how? also is there a way to have the main 2 sliding pictures be the full height of the entire page without deleting the background for pages 2-4? So in other words nothing on the first page but the background and the call to action button.

please help

See Customize > Static Front page. Set a static front page from there and make sure you assign the Front Page template for that specific page.

Not sure what you mean with the second part.

When I started using the Sydney theme the page list has no “front page” listed and never did just the 3 that I added.

Also the customize tab has no “static front page option”

See the second video from the documentation page please:
This is all you should do to get the layout you mentioned for your homepage.

Followed the steps in the video and still cant find the edit front page icon.