Removing Avatar In Posts


I have selected the option to not show the avatar in wp but it still shows up. I removed the calendar next to the date through custom css but I am still struggling with the avatar. Any suggestions?


do you have a link to your site?



Just visiting your site and try to comment tot the post but I don’t see any avatar displayed


Where it has the author of the post. You don’t see that? I don’t mean on the comments. I should have said icon I guess.

#6 to be more specific… I didn’t realize how vague that comment was sorry.


This would do it:

.hentry .meta-post span.byline:before {
    content: '';


Thanks. I did similar with the calendar. I just didn’t know what exactly to call in the CSS. Do they have a database or list of default classes to call and their properties? I know tons are theme specific. But I would like to to familiarize myself with the ones I can that are primarily generic across most themes.


By properties I mean what specifically they do.


The best thing you can do is familiarize yourself with this tool:

Using it you can find out what proprieties are applied and for what element, regardless of the theme you’re using.