Removed Image Affecting My SSL Certificate


I have been transitioning my website to be secure through SSL;however, I have one very odd problem.

My home page is still not fully secure.

After using a SSL page diagnostic it said their was one image link that was causing the problem.

Here is the site I used to diagnose.

Here is the image link that is causing problems.

At this point, I inspected the issue (I use google Chrome). I found that this image is no longer even on my website. I removed it. I permanently deleted it from my image library as well, but it still shows up when I inspect. It may have cached for being the first image on my site? I honestly don’t know.

This pesky image is driving me crazy. Save me you beautiful support gurus!

Hello there,

I am sorry to hear that you’ve run into issue.

Please try to edit your site’s main slider in the customizer, and then reupload the second image.

Let me know how it goes.


I just fixed it! I moved my image from first slide to the second slide and for some reason it worked. The image that had been removed previously is no longer appearing when I inspect and my SSL now works.

Weird, but fixed it.