Remove widget area

I would like to totally remove the sidebar from all the blog posts of the site.
Here is a sample post from the live site:


I looked into the site and seems you dont have sidebar widget area. Can you tell us what else do you want here?


There is a sidebar area, the Search widget is in it. But if I remove it, the empty area still remains there.


If you dont want the sidebars in the post main page or single page. you can remove those in two ways.

But whatever way you do it, I would suggest you to make the changes using child theme, so that this change along with other changes made will stay preserved even after theme updates

To remove the sidebar using css, add the following in your child theme’s style.css file

.site-sidebar {
    display: none;

or you can comment out or remove the line number 56 of theme’s single.php file which is

<?php get_sidebar(); ?>

After doing either one of the above add the below css to make the content full width

.site-content {
    margin: 0;

Hope it helps!

Thanks and have a nice weekend

Thank you! I didn’t have time this far, but now I tried it and it helped!!

Have a Happy New Year!

Glad it worked.

You too have a great year ahead :slight_smile: