Remove whitespace on pages

My websites here: On this specific page you can see there is alot of white space before the actual content of the page. I want the content on the page to be right under the black bar on top. How can I accomplish this? Thank you


Looks like it’s because there is no header image in the page. Maybe you can change the header image visibility from the customizer to only displayed it in the home page only.

Or, you can use this CSS code below to hide them:

.page-id-3026 .sydney-hero-area, .page-id-3026 .header-clone {
    display: none;

Put the CSS code into Customizer > additional CSS

Hi awan thanks your snippet got rid of a lot of the space is it possible to move my page up even further? Also on my page like there is still a lot of whitespace what can I do about this? Thank you

Here you go:

.page-wrap .content-wrapper, .content-area .hentry {
    padding-bottom: 0 !important;
footer.entry-footer, .header-clone {
    display: none;