Remove title from SERVICES widget

hi thanks for the great theme which I’m getting to grips with.

Can you please let me know how to remove the title from SERVICES widget? If I leave the title field blank, my website defaults to showing “OUR SERVICES”. But I want no title whatsoever above my 3 icons.

Here’s my website:

I hop this is an easy one to resolve.



Hi Paul,

Apply custom css code below in order to remove services title. You can apply the code with simple custom css plugin.

.services-area .widget-title {
    display: none;

Best Regards

this works great, thanks very much

hi OK another question.

Is it possible to insert some text in a widget beneath the title and above the table e.g. in Services or Employees widgets for example?

so for instance in I’m trying to insert text under the headings in Services.

Thanks very much


I tried the same code on my site since I also want ot remove (the same) widget-title. HBut itdoesnt work for me, but it worked to change the code to

.widget-title {
display: none;

but the all titles dissapear

what did I do wrong?


Such and option, unfortunately, does not exist within the theme. One solution would be to manually insert necessary text directly into widgets template files. All widget files are located inside theme folder / widgets.


Please share your page link with us. Probably, your previous css code contained some error. .widget-title is too general selector and as you saw already, it will remove all titles.

@dimikjones - thanks