Remove the header image from specific articles or pages

Hi Guys,
I need to remove the header image from specific posts or pages, only from some specific posts or pages, not everywhere.

I tried to adapt the code I use on Sydney Pro but it does not work, can you tell me how to do it?
Thanks a lot.


Hi Dano,

Can you share your site URL here and please let me know with details what image in which posts/pages that you want to hide them.


Hi Awan,
thank for your reply.
I would like to delete from individual posts, not all (for example these below), the image of the header that between the menu and the futured image.

I would like to get for posts something like the “no header image” template for the pages.



Got it.
For a simple way, you don’t need to remove them, but you only need to hide it using CSS code below.
Add the CSS code below to Customizer > Additional CSS:

.postid-1 .header-image,
.postid-141 .header-image,
.postid-144 .header-image,
.postid-1021 .header-image {
    display: none;


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Thanks Awan.
It Works!