Remove the Footer

How do I remove the footer? If I just delete the text on its section at Customize, the default “Copyright” message will show. I need to completely remove that footer bar.

Hi, install simple custom css plugin and use some of the codes below:

completely remove footer text

.site-info.container {
  display: none;


Remove footer text and black background

footer#colophon {
  display: none;

Thanks, additionally, how do I remove the Title and its separator from the “Moesia: Contact Info” widget?

I’m using this widget in my Footer, but I just want it to show the “Email” and “Address”, I don’t need the title “Contact Info” and the bar next to it.

Try CSS code below:

#sidebar-footer .moesia_contact_info_widget h3 {

If it is not working, post your page link so I can be more precise.

Awesome! My website is

Can I ask one more question, how do I make the “Services” description “Justified” instead of “Left Aligned”?

Sure, here it is:

.service-desc {
  text-align: justify;

Maybe you want it centered?

.service-desc {
  text-align: center;