Remove subtitle text line from CTA button

I have a button on my homepage linking to another page on my site. Here is my homepage:

I am using Custom Javascript to create the CTA button. I currently use the following code:


"use strict"

if( $(‘body’).hasClass(‘home’) ) {

var mainTitle    = 'Watch Full Episodes';
var subTitle     = '';
var buttonURL    = '';
var buttonLabel  = 'Click to Watch';
var heroContent  = '<div class="slide-inner">';
    heroContent += '<div class="contain text-slider">';
    heroContent += '<h2 class="maintitle">'+mainTitle+'</h2>';
    heroContent += '<p class="subtitle">'+subTitle+'</p>';
    heroContent += '</div>';
    heroContent += '<a href="'+buttonURL+'" target="_top">'+buttonLabel+'</a>';
    heroContent += '&lt;/div&gt;';




You’ll notice that I have this line of code:
var subTitle = ‘’;
Because I want that line to be blank, however I do not like the spacing of this. Is it possible to remove that line altogether, as opposed to just having it be blank.

Hello there,

To do that, add the below CSS code into Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS in your site dashboard.

.text-slider .maintitle:after {
  display: none;

.text-slider p {
  display: none;