Remove some details in Services and News

how can I remove any details under the title in Service Page? Such as date of posting, admin, tag, category…
The same under the title of articles/news and how can remove there comments area?
Thank you in advance

Hello Sabrina,

This probably can be achieved with some custom css, but please share your Service Page page link with us so we can inspect it in order to generate necessary code.

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Here is some example:




Thank you in advance
Kind regards

Hello again,

Thank you for sharing your links. Use custom css code below in order to remove info line from all mentioned posts/pages:

/*hide info on services page*/
body.single.single-services .hentry .meta-post {
    display: none;

/*hide info on projects page*/
body.single.single-projects .hentry .meta-post {
    display: none;

/*hide info on posts page*/
body.single.single-post .hentry .meta-post {
    display: none;

You can use this plugin in order to apply the css code.

All the Best!

Thank you so much!
Just the last question: how can I hide the comments area, for example in projects ( and in articles (

I would like to remove info line also under every title in “my blog page”

Thanks a lot!