Remove small line under title in widget

When using the “wigdetized” template, there’s a small line with a dot under each title of each wigdet.

Is it possible to have that removed, so the title is closer to the text or pictures in the wigdet?

My website is


It can be removed, but that won’t make it closer to the content. What you want is to modify the the title’s bottom margin. Use this in Customize > Additional CSS and adjust as needed:

.atblock .widget-title {
    margin-bottom: 30px;

I can also show you how to remove it title decoration if you don’t like it.

Vlad, I tried to add the CSS but with no effect.

Perhaps refresh your page, I can see it working fine.

Vlad, I’ve tried that a couple of times and even flushed the history in the browser.

I still see the small line as shown on the picture

I probably haven’t explained it right. The code I gave you decreases the distance between the widget title and the content. Have another look at my post please.

This is what removes the decoration:

.atblock .widget-title::after {
    display: none;

Vlad, you explained it perfectly, it was me who totally misunderstood it :slight_smile:

Thank’s… It’s working :slight_smile: