Remove sidebar on post pages?

How can I remove the sidebar (and go full-width) on post pages? Like this one?

I’ve set “full width (no sidebar)”) in Appearance/Customize/Blog Options, but to no effect. Using “Masonry (no sidebar” doesn’t work, either.

There’s an older plugin,, that allows me to set post templates on a page-by-page basis. But it’s not being updated, and I’d like to make this a universal change across all posts.

Any help is appreciated!

Hi there,

You can achieve that with following custom css code:

body.single.single-post .widget-area {
    display: none;

body.single.single-post .content-area {
    width: 100%;

You can apply the code from child theme style.css file or use this plugin

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Works like a charm – thanks for the fast response!

You’re welcome,

And thank you for using our theme.

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This was helpful, thanks!

It doesn’t work for me. Any ideas what’s going wrong?

Thank you so much