Remove sidebar divider and bottom padding


I’ve tried to find my own way, but i couldn’t remove what i presume to be sidebar divider line from a full width page. I have managed to remove the page frame, which was the same color, but no such luck with this one.
The website is still in the making, so there is only the contact page.
The website in question is:

I am also trying to remove the bottom padding of the page, so the map (and all future elements) are connected with the footer.


Hello @nikolicn91,

  1. Please try to use Widgetized page template instead of Full width in order to remove that line.

  2. You can change widget top/bottom padding in Styling section when editing a widget in Customizer.

By the way, did you check Astrid and Astrid Pro documentation here and here respectively?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Dear Roman,

Thank You for the information. It was not what I was looking for, but rather what I needed.

I have checked out the documentation for the theme before buying, but haven’t found it useful until I started building the website.
With the widgetized template, I thought there were not enough widgets to accomplish what I need, but after careful examination of the widget section I have found ways in which to repurpose specific widgets to include content i needed.

It is not a complex website, so your instructions in the provided documentation and some tinkering will do the trick.

I have run into another problem, regarding the google maps (contact) widget. The street and building in which the business is located are fairly new. Google is taking it’s time to sort out the street numbers and when I enter the address of said business it is shown six blocks away. I have tried entering the latitude and longitude of the location, but it did not work. Is there a way to display the correct location of the business until google includes the business in the map? They are taking their time… :smiley: After that I can simply enter the name of the business? If this is a question for another topic, I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your time and answers. Your help is much appreciated.

Sincerely, Nemanja.

Hello Nemanja,

I have just tried to enter latitude and longitude instead of address and it worked to position the map in Sydney Pro contact page (I tried to do it there because I don’t know where you try to enter it). I used this format: 49.2626698,23.8477983.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thank you, once again.

It was a formatting issue in Serbian Latin/English keyboard difference.

Once I switched to English keyboard and used a proper format you provided, it worked.

Kind regards, Nemanja.

You are welcome Nemanja,

It’s great that it worked! Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have in future.

Kind Regards, Roman.