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Hi Devs

My site is

Have read through the posts about removing side bar from the Intro Theme to enable full width on widgets - though I must be missing something

Ive added the following CSS - though widgets are still not full width

.sidebar-btn {
display: none;

.sidebar-toggle {
display: none;

What am I missing?



Do you mean to make the widgets on your front page full width? Not much to do with the sidebar. Edit each row and you’ll notice the Full width layout.

I made those two with background colors full width for you. So Edit Row > Theme > Row Layout if you need it.

I got a problem with that sidebar to. My new page, Oud Stagiairs also had this strange sidebar. I editted the page attribute to “Full Width” and editted the row to “Full Width”.

Strange enough my page is much bigger than it was. Now you can scroll to the right of the page, till you don’t see the page anymore. Check it out here; and scroll to the right.

How can I change that? It’s the Moesia theme.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Solved it.

@Visser23: this topic is about a different theme.
You don’t have a sidebar. Change the page to the Front Page template and switch your row back to standard, not full width.

I solved it already. Didn’t know this topic was about a different thema. Just used the search engine to find a topic like my problem. Can’t see which theme forum I’m in. But my apologizes.

i have the same problem i changed from full width to front page several times but nothing has been worked please help its moesia theme

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