Remove "Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Sydney by aThemes."

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Please how can i remove or change the branding"Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Sydney by aThemes."?


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In order to remove footer info apply custom css code below to style.css file or by using simple custom css plugin:

.site-info.container {
    display: none;

In order to change it you will have to edit theme folder / footer.php file and to change marked lines to your liking

For these kind of changes you should consider using child theme, and to make edits to footer.php from there. In this way changes will be permanent after theme updates.

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Hi, I have removed the ”Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Sydney by aThemes.” using the CSS code provided. Thanks for that.

Besides, I have used Footer Putter plugin to add in my own copyright statement. But would like to ask how could I change the footer’s background color from white color to black for example?



@dimikjones id like to edit the footer, using the child theme, as you suggested. But the child theme only has a fucntions.php and styles.css file. How do i make edits to footer.php using child theme? can you please explain. Thanks

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Footer background is dark gray by default. In order to change it to white use custom css code below:

.site-footer {
    background-color: #ffffff;

If this is not working for you, please share your page link with us so we can provide css code more precisely.


Child theme will inherit template files from main theme, but if you copy footer.php from main theme to child theme folder, then it will override parent theme footer.php. Good reading

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How do you change the font size??

and put a hyperlink?


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  1. Footer font size can be increased with custom css code below:
.site-info.container {
    font-size: 16px;

You can apply the code with this plugin and of course change font-size value to your liking.

  1. Footer link can be inserted with html markup , also this is explain in many other topics like this one for example

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And thank you for using our theme.

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method 1. find and delete som lines code of footer, see here

method 2. Hide WordPress Footer Message
Click on the “Style.css” file located nearly at the bottom of “Templates” section. Add the following code at the end of “Style.css” file and click on “Update File” button.

.site-info {
display : none;

Got one question…how do you remove the “News hello world” “contact” and the map from the footer region?




Hello Richard,

This is support forum for Sydney theme, and you can find how to add content in our documents sections, and there is also option to delete elements or row from page content in order to remove it.

Regarding footer section, all elements are added trough text widgets from Appearance > Widgets > Footer widget areas.

If there is something else, please share your site link so we can see what you were referring to, thanks.

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this is the error i get anytime i pressed the uodate button.
Please help.

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Error is from one of additional plugins which is used on your installation. These forums are for our themes. So please contact the developer/vendor directly for support with your question, or disable additional plugins one by one and test every time in order to fined the culprit.

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Please correct link to the picture in your post #42443, its broken
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When you open footer.php file you will see what needs to be changed, here is the screenshot

or you can remove marked line and to replace it with anything else by using HTML paragraph or link

I’ll mark this topic as resolved because it is pretty old one.

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I used site this tag,

.site-info.container {
display: none;

and when i tried FOOTER PUTTER, It conflics my sliding form

i want to reverse "Remove “Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Sydney by aThemes.”

How can I add my social media icons to the footer after removing the ‘powered by…’ post?

How do I insert a copyright and Company name and all rights reserved text in the footer. Thanks!