Remove "Posted on" on blog

Is is possible to remove/hide the “Posted on” before the date on the blog?
My page is in Swedish and it looks a bit funny with only that part in English.

Also can I remove/hide the Author on a post?


That part is translatable. Have you had any issues translating it?

There is an option that hides the author (Customize > Blog options > Meta) but this also hides the post date and categories. I assume you don’t want it like this?

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Aha, how do I translate it? My wordpress installation is in Swedish.

You need to use a tool like Poedit to translate strings in the theme. Just like any other theme. Or even easier you can use a plugin like this one (I haven’t tested this one, there was another I was recommending but it disappeared from the repository).

Thank you for your help! I’ll try the plugin :slight_smile: