Remove Page Name, Mobile Menu Colour, Remove White Strip


I have a couple of issues that I need some assistance with please? Thank you in advance!

  1. Remove Page Name/H1 from Displaying on Internal Pages
    On the home page, the Page Name ‘Home’ does not display. The content starts with the Page Builder sections display. How do I replicate this on other pages and hide the Page Names/Titles from displaying? I want the content on these pages to commence from:
  1. Remove White Strip at Bottom of Page
    On this same page there is a white stripe between the footer and the blue social section. How do I remove this?

  2. Change colour of mobile burger menu
    Is it possible to change the colour of the three-bar burger mobile icon? Currently is it set to white and with a white background behind the header, you cannot see the menu icon on mobile.


HI guys,
I am also working on this same website - we had some issues where the site went down for a few days. Can you please assist now?