Remove left/right margins on banners


Here is my site :

I would like to have full width banners on the whole site (for example the “Check the available experiences” banner). Or to reformulate, I don’t want the withe margins on both sides. I can’t find the CSS to set that.

Thanks for your help!


I’ve checked your site and can’t see the issue you mentioned above. Did you already resolve it?



No I didn’t. Here is a screenshot, I guess it’s easier to understand.

I want the banners (“Check the available experiences”, “embiria goes online” etc) to be full width (I don’t want the withe space shown in the red rectangles on both sides of the banners). I want it the same as the header banner with the red arrows, full width.

Thanks for your help!

Oh, I see…I noticed you are using the default template for your front page. Please change it to Full-width template instead

You can also try the Frontpage template.

I tried both but nothing has changed.

and another precision: I have already selected full width for the banner.

Please try to add this to Customize > additional CSS:

.home .page-wrap .container {
    width: 100%;

Cool, the banners are not totally full width with that CSS, but it’s much better and quite nice like that !

Thanks for your help !

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