Remove latest posts

How do I remove the lastest posts section on my front page? I went to customize> appearance > static front page and I selected none for the posts page drop down selection. I also tried to put a sample page as my posts page but the default posts still appear on my home page Also why does my site url have a bunch of numbers after it?

I added this custom CSS to remove it - is there an alternative way?

.posts-loop {
    background-color: #fff;
    display: none;


This Custom CSS is the best way to hide Recent Posts on your homepage:

.home .posts-loop {
    display: none;

Please make sure to add it in your Child Theme’s style.css or if you don’t have a Child Theme already setup, then use this plugin to add the CSS to your theme, so you will don’t loose it on theme updates:

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To manage sections on the front page, you can see the video tutorial here