Remove large white boxes in Services page


I’d like to know how to either remove or make smaller these huge boxes that appear under clients, testimonials, services, etc. when using Post Types. Nothing ever shows inside the boxes other than the title, so I’m not sure why it’s so large. It looks too bulky and distracting. If something can actually be put inside the boxes can you tell me what it is? No images seem to populate it.

thank you!

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I noticed that its content font color falls back to white. We only see the blank spaces. To completely remove it, try to add the following CSS code.

.post-type-archive .hentry .entry-summary,
.post-type-archive .hentry .entry-footer{
  display: none;

You can use the Simple Custom CSS plugin to insert the code above.

Let me know how it goes. I’ll wait to hear back from you regarding your stats.

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As default when you are using post types, it would generate 3 main HTML elements block

  1. header, for title post
  2. summmary, for content post
  3. footer, for displaying categories, tags, etc.

After checking your site, there is already content post on the summary block, but it has white font color. you can try to change the color using this css code:

article {
    color: #aaa;

Wow, thank you for that super fast reply! It did indeed shrink the boxes for the better! If it’s not asking TOO much, is there a way to shrink it further? Maybe reduce the padding on it or something to that effect? I’d like just a tad less white space in the box.

Thanks again, really appreciate the fast help!

Awan, thanks for catching that there was indeed text in there, just a white color. Seems to be an issue on here…I’ve had to go back and change all of my text to black even though the picker shows it to be sitting at a grey color. I’ll have a look through the customization and see if it’s in there somewhere. Thanks for the fast reply and the info…I won’t forget it now!

Hi iguanamom,

You can reduce the padding bottom of the box by adjusting the value of padding-bottom from the css code below:

.post-type-archive .hentry .post-content {
    padding-bottom: 0px;



thank you again, that was perfect!