Remove item from cart/Update Cart leads to Checkout Api

It seems that cart buttonsremove item or update cart doesn’t work. When you press the button, session ends up to standard Shopify checkout api page. Remove item doesn’t remove item and update cart doesn’t update the cart. Button texts are translated.




Päivitä ostoskoria
same error i am facing kindly update it.

thank you

@jennien , @hardy

We noticed this issue as well. We have fixed it in the latest version of Thalia. To update Thalia, follow these steps:

  • Visit this link:
  • Copy the entire text from the common.js file
  • Open shopify admin
  • Click Online Store
  • Click Actions on the theme
  • Click Edit Code
  • On the left side search for “common.js”
  • Replace the text with the text you copied
  • We recommend clicking Ctrl A or Cmd A to select all, then Ctrl V or Cmd V to paste
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