Remove Hover Effect


Dear Helpers,

All images and logos become white when hovering over with the mouse. How can we remove this effect? Ideally, there is no effect at all when hovering over.

Thank you for your help


Hello there,

Please share the link to the page in question, so I can take a closer look and troubleshoot it.



Hi Kharis,

There you go:



Hello there,

It isn’t default behavior of Sydney. I noticed that the following custom CSS code applied:

img:hover {
    opacity: 0 !important;

Could you please try to temporarily remove it? Let me ask a thing, what is the intention of adding this code? Maybe I could suggest the correct way.



That worked perfectly, thank you very much. Also I have another question: When integrating the logo on top left of the homepage, the quality of the picture drops (maybe due to downscaling of the size within Wordpress functions). Could you assist on that matter?


Hello there,

There is no crop function on image logo uploader. Other plugins might interfere it. Please try to temporarily disable the all non-required plugins and try to upload your image logo again.