Remove header , menu and footer widgets form one page

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Does anyone know how to remove the header, menu and footer widgets from just one page? Ive tried custom css with the page id but no change.



please try the following code in your child themes style.css or custom css plugin:

.page-id-X #masthead, .page-id-X #sidebar-footer {
  display: none;

You need to change the X to the page ID. Use the developer tools from your browser and get the page-id class from the body element.

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That worked , Awesome, One more question, I would also like to remove the header image on the same one page

Great! Try out this:

.page-id-X .header-image {
  display: none;

Or to hide the slider this:

.page-id-X .header-slider {
  display: none;

Awesome!!!, Thanks bunch, works like a charm :slight_smile:

Thank you for this code. Good. But I had a problem!

I had a “problem while looking” for PAGE-ID, and I found a nice way to understand how to find it.
I choose the call-to-action button, while looking at URL, if I choose any page, I can look at “post: 1234”, where 1234 is the ID

This was helpful. I had to get rid of a bunch of site content. Just to clarify, what I ended up doing was going through the page source on the page that I was getting rid of section on and looking for the

<div> </div> section it was in.

For example, I wanted to get rid of the social media buttons on the bottom of a page so I found <div class=“social-icons-wrap”> … </div>

So I put into the CSS editor .page-id-X .social-icons-wrap {
display: none;

Good evening,

Thank you first of all for the beautiful design of the Sydney website. How do I remove the entire menu and the header image from a particular page?

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Hello there,

You can use this CSS code:

    .page-id-358 .site-header,
    .page-id-358 .sydney-hero-area {
      display: none;

358 is ID number of dashboard page. For other pages, you can get this unique ID while editing it, in the address bar you’ll see a URL that reads yoursite.comwp-admin/post.php?post=358&action=edit


Thank you for the immense help.

You’re welcome!

Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.